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Zamia Furfuracea (cardboard palm)

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Zamia Furfuracea (cardboard palm)

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Zamia furfuracea is a cycad native to southeastern Veracruz state in eastern Mexico. Although not a palm tree, its growth habit is superficially similar to a palm; therefore it is commonly known as cardboard palm or cardboard cycad. Other names include cardboard plant, cardboard sago, Jamaican sago, and Mexican cycad.


Zamia thrives in moderate to bright light. It has a slow growth habit and does well in good potting soil as long as the container has excellent drainage. The plant is prone to some pests, such as spider mites, but its biggest problem is rot. Water deeply weekly in summer but reduce moisture in winter and fall by half.

Common Name

Emerald Palm, Zanzibar Gem

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