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Anti-parasites, external and internal

Vermectín l. A firmectin


(Ivermectin 3.15% w / p)

The product is usable by injection

For veterinary use

Indications for use:

It is used for the treatment and control of internal and external parasites affecting livestock, internal intestinal parasites, Hemonex spp., Coprachia spp., Ostragastoma spp., Ocephala spp.

Bovine ectoparasite (scabies caused by mites)


Doses were given at 630 mg of ivermectin per kilogram of live weight (1 ml of pre-injected solution for use per 50 kg of live weight).

Up to 50 kg …………………… 1 ml From 301 kg to 350 kg ….. 7 ml

From 51 kg to 100 kg ……… 2 ml From 351 kg to 400 kg …….. 8 ml

From 101 kg to 150 kg …….. 3 ml From 401 kg to 450 kg ……… 9 ml

From 151 kg to 200 kg ……. 4 ml from 451 kg to 500 kg ……. 10 ml

From 201 kg to 250 kg ……… 5 ml From 551 kg to 600 kg ……. 11 ml

From 251 kg to 300 kg ……. 6 ml From 601 kg to 650 kg ……. 12 ml

Interval between doses:

One dose is sufficient to control internal and external parasites. An analysis is suggested

To determine the possibility of returning the enemy.

How to use:

It is injected under the skin into the loose skin of the front or back. Using a needle of gauge 15 or 20 20, it is suggested that it be from 12-20 mm in length, while observing the rules of sterilization of injectable drugs.

The solution must be shaken before or during use.

Security environment:

Ivermectin comes into contact with the ground with the passage of time, activating its effectiveness. Empty containers must be buried or burned and cannot be thrown with water such as sea or lake, because it affects the fish wealth.


After subcutaneous application, it may cause some unpleasant phenomena, which soon stop, as it is temporary in some animals, or swelling at the injection site. These effects disappear quickly without treatment.


Do not use intramuscularly or intravenously. In high-risk areas, vaccination against intestinal diseases should be made. Keep out of reach of children, while observing the sterilization rules for all injectable drugs.


It is not intended for slaughter or human consumption in treated animals for up to 65 days after the last treatment. When intended for human consumption, milk for human consumption should not be used in lactation cows, nor within 60 days before birth. Do not use in young and very weak animals.

Keep the product out of the reach of children. In accidental ingestion, a physician should be consulted, who will immediately apply the treatment for clinical symptoms, as the patient has suffered from vomiting, mydriasis, and coma.

Store at a temperature below 30 ° C. The product must be stored in the box or carton designated for it and protected from sunlight.


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