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Selsen – H.

Injection prepared emulsion


Composition per ml:

Vitamin E ………………………………….. 150 mg.

Selenium (sodium selenite) ………………. 0.5 mg.

Carrier materials.



Target species:

Cattle and sheep.



Prevention and treatment of white muscle disease (muscular dystrophy) in cattle and sheep.

Diseases caused by deficiency of vitamin E and selenium.

Methods of use:

It is given by intramuscular or subcutaneous injection.

White muscle disease

Preventive treatment in sheep:

4 ml of selsine-e / animal before mating.

4 ml of Selsin-e / animal in mid-pregnancy.

4 ml of silicin-e / animal 3 weeks before birth.

Preventive treatment in lambs:

1 ml of silicin-e / animal at birth.

1.5 ml of silicene-e / animal at weaning.

2 ml of silicin-e / animal 3 weeks after weaning.

Curative treatment for lambs:

2 ml of silicene – e / animal.

If necessary, repeat after 10-14 days.

Preventive treatment in cows:


It is not used in animals with liver problems. It is not used in animals with hypersensitivity to active substances or carriers.

side effects:

Not found

If side effects appear, inform your veterinarian.


Precautions for use:

1) Precautions for use in animals:

Shake well before use.

Use the recommended dose to avoid selenium poisoning.

For animal treatment only.



2) Precautions for the person who will apply the treatment to the animal:

General safety rules must be respected. In the event of accidentally self-injection or swallowing, please seek medical advice and show this package insert or package to the doctor.

Use during pregnancy, milk production, and egg laying:

There are no contraindications for use during these periods.



Not mentioned, but please be careful to eat plants rich in selenium.


Lethargy, grogginess, difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, increased temperature. After that there is an increase in diuresis and diarrhea. Recent symptoms include cyanosis, dilated pupils, bloating, muscle weakness, prolapse and death.

When poisoning occurs, treat symptoms based on vitamin C, methionine, and vitamin B complex.





Keep at a temperature below 30 ° C.



keep away from the reach of the children.

For veterinary use only.


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