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Salvadora Persica 2

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Salvadora Persica 2

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Salvadora persica is a large shrub or small tree of Thar Desert. The branches are drooping, terete and glabrous. A typical desert plant grows as a mangrove perennial tree as well as under extreme saline (salt stress) and drought conditions. Thus the seeds are dispersed by the birds. The plant produces three types of fruits, i.e. pink, purple and white. The leaves are shed twice in a year, October-November and February-March, but plant never becomes leafless throughout the year. New leaves appear twice in a year, first during April-May and second during September to December and thereafter new leaves develop slowly.


It grows well under arid environment, salt stress conditions and low moisture with high temperature. Soil mixture of 1:2:1 ratio of sand, clay, FYM is best; higher clay content is preferable.

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Plant Height (cm)

80 cm

Pot Size

30 cm

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