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Portulacaria Afra + Sustee SG

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Portulacaria Afra + Sustee SG

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Portulacaria afra is a small-leaved succulent plant found in South Africa. These succulents commonly have a reddish stem and leaves that are green, but also a variegated cultivar is often seen in cultivation. They are simple to care for and make easy houseplants for a sunny location. Jade plant, friendship tree, lucky plant, Money plant, or Money tree, is a Succulent and is common as a Houseplant worldwide. Many people enjoy growing Jade Plants in their homes and offices, and they are considered to be symbols of good luck.


  • Senses water at the root level, no dirty fingers & damaged roots trying to gauge soil moisture
  • Leave the device in the pot to continuously monitor soil humidity and show you when to water
  • Prevents withering, so your healthy houseplants can clean the indoor air to keep you healthy
  • Award-winning product design – No batteries – Environmentally friendly – Creates little waste
  • A set of 4 Sustee size L is best for pots over 7 inches in diameter – Each stick will last for approximately 6-9 months


Portulacaria Afra needs plenty of bright sunlight and can tolerate full sun. You may need to acclimate the plant to full sun initially. Mild sunburn may be expected under extreme heat conditions but otherwise, these plants can handle the heat.

Common Name

Rainbow Bush or Mini Jade Plant





Difficulty To Grow



Dry Mesic


No Fertilizer


Well Drained Soil

Plant Height (cm)

20 cm

Pot Size

16.5 cm

Pot Height

13 cm

Toxic Level



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