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Ocimum Basilicum (Mashmoom)

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Ocimum Basilicum (Mashmoom)

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Greek basil is a flowering herb and cultivar of basil.


If sowing outdoors, thin out seedlings or plant out young plants to 30-45cm (12-18in) apart, as they need plenty of room to produce strong, leafy plants. Keep the soil or compost moist, but take care not to overwater – especially in autumn and winter – as too much water can lead to rotting. Give plants a light liquid feed of a general feed every couple of weeks during summer. This will help ensure plants go on producing a constant supply of leaves. Don’t use high potash feeds, as these will encourage premature flowering. Pinch out the tips of young plants to make them bushier and help prevent flowering; plants start to lose their flavour once flowering begins.

Common Name

Great basil


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