Ficus Benjmaina Small (Premium Collection)

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Ficus Benjmaina Small (Premium Collection)

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An indoor tree that offers up dense foliage and cleaner air. Ficus trees are a very popular variety as no matter what their size, they will always maintain their tree shape and bushy habit. Their abundant foliage makes for a lovely addition to living spaces and with good care, they can be grown into large indoor trees. This Danita variety has beautiful oval green leaves up the height of the plant. Care can be a little trial and error when setting up but getting a few things right from the start will position you for growing success. You’ll soon discover these plants can be a tad dramatic as they tend to shed leaves if there’s a problem; this is a natural reaction to all sorts of issues such as wrong lighting, under or overwatering, a draft, or a temperature issue. All this means is that you’ll get a clear warning from your plant if something is up and you’ll have plenty of space to adjust accordingly for a happy and healthy plant. In exchange for this, your Ficus will clean the air in your home for you; they’ve been rated as one of the best plants for purifying the air.


Water once a week, adding in a liquid plant feed once a month through summer for an added boost to growth. Allow the water to run right through the soil and out of the drainage holes of the nursery pot, leaving the water 10 minutes or so to sink through before returning to the display pot. This can be done once a week in summer but should be reduced in winter.


Benjamina Columna



Difficulty To Grow





Balanced Fertilizer


Well Drained Soil

Plant Height (cm)

100 CM

Pot Size

D28X16 H32

Toxic Level


Ideal location

Indoor, Outdoor


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