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Cycas Revoluta

Cycas Revoluta

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Cycad Plant provides several benefits due to its use as food as well as medicine. The stem is short while its leaves have a length of somewhere between 50 cm and 150 cm. On the other hand, all those cycad plants that are old can even reach a length of 6 meters, but this rarely happens. It is often made use of as a decorative plant inside one’s home or office as its shape is unique and pleasing to the eye. One of the most popular Cycad plants which you can find is the Sago Palms in Newcastle.

It offers several benefits to meet the needs of human beings. The leaves and seeds get exported widely across regions due to this reason. The benefits are as follows:

As a Source of Food:

Cycad plant is a significant source of food filled with nutrients. One can use the processed sagu from cycad plant in place of rice as an ideal source of carbohydrates. One can convert the plant’s leaf into a tasty vegetable, through proper processing which can help people in attaining numerous health benefits.

Helps to Treat Wounds:

If you mix the cycad plant’s seeds with coconut oil, it can heal wounds, ulcers, swelling and several other skin problems.

Used As a Source of Clothing Fiber:

There are leaves of different species of cycad plant which one can process and convert them into clothing fibers. One can even use it as a material for making hats, mats, baskets, broom, yarn and also rope.

Can Extract Oil Out of its Seeds:

You can even process the seeds of a cycad plant to get oil out of them. Now, this oil can be further processed to turn it into cooking. One can even use it as biodiesel.


The cycas revoluta grows at it’s best with bright light, without direct sunlight. Watering: The soil is best kept moist, so water once the soil begins to dry slightly at the top. Over-watering or watering at the crown of the plant can cause the plant to rot.

Common Name

King Sago Palm, Sago Palm

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