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PURPOSE OF USE !Ns prertiv evoeterdlo, the owxsa al b.100.9 the energy rneroblksm of cows owl Oleos and moete79 then’ energy need genem:cci ounno 7 e PV17.0,KY and pOStaorturn Penal Ns PS 0,s9 alacaaxdlgasdpscme rnahl•5 le) redvce the f alty Guar syrek:rom and to rnmoltze fiSk CkhelOpMent Of Pser05%

HOW TO USE Usage for bovines use by trnOregnate 3 nays before kern teeth 5009r/daily, alter horn the birth 500yr/deity

Usage for anneal USe by impregnate 3 days before from the bath s: 100gridetty . after keen the birth 100grklaily

Composition : Propylene Glycol 99.96% w/w

CAUTION& Ouaanteed robes are +added fee kg KIN.e1( s prooleed die* foe bovews. OMR if xis othe:ed ro av Attie for mewled speaes.Ceened cons shccal be used walk, 5peofied daft pe,xel ter.e.Neepactoof reochendoca cischt ehadenNeepe teepenerlmtho rts ongnal package Alamo?. dyonddbdrplats

If is not a meddle: It is a feed premix. ft stpports treatment but I. coma be used ont yfor treatment purposes.

Shelf bfe This proalla stwd 1 be used 18 months


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