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Amino Plus Fish Liquid Fertilizer (1Ltr)

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Amino Plus Fish Liquid Fertilizer (1Ltr)

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Amino Plus
Rate and method of use
Storage and Safety
Amino Plus is a liquid organic fertilizer extracted from fish rich in amino acids
that feed plants in addition to the macro-micro and trace elements
Amino Plus is used for all vegetable fruit palm and ornamental crops.
Amino Plus is 100 % soluble in water which increases the plant’s ability to absorb

Mix with water at the rate of 3% shake back well before use
Vegetables: use one liter per thousand square meters per week until the flowering stage
Date palm: use 350 – 300 hundred ml per palm per week in the period before fruits are
Fruits: deciduous leaves such as citral mango and olives, use one liter per 1000 meters
per week, and evergreen fruits use 2 letters per 1000 square meters per week before
Indoor and outdoor ornamental plants quantify according to plant size
Containers should be kept in a cold dry place away from direct sunlight
Containers should be kept out of children’s rich
Avoid contact of concentrated fertilizer with eyes and skin
use of swallowing the victim must Force will my bank and visit a doctor with the label


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