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Agave Attenuata (Premium Collection)

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Agave Attenuata (Premium Collection)

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Although the plant can appear acaulescent, stems often reach 50 to 150 cm (20–60 in) in length, and old leaves fall off, leaving the stems visible. The leaves are ovate-acuminate, 50–70 cm (20–28 in) long and 12–16 cm (5–6 in) wide, pale in color, ranging from a light gray to light yellowish green. There are no teeth, nor terminal spines, although the leaves taper to soft points that fray with age. The numerous, egg-shaped and tapered leaves are slightly softer than most Agave species, they are bright glaucous-gray to light yellowish green and stingless.

The inflorescence is a dense raceme 2.5 to 3 meters (8 to 10 ft) high (usually curved), with greenish-yellow flowers, growing after many years. As with other Agave species, the plant dies after formation occurs, but numerous suckers consequently sprout both from the base of the plant and from the flower raceme.


Easily grown in slightly acidic, sandy or gravelly, moist or dry, well-drained soils in full sun. Tolerates part shade. Keep in a frost-free area in winter and put it out on the patio or balcony in summer. Drought tolerant, this agave does not do well in the desert heat.

Common Name

Foxtail, Lion's tail or Swan's Neck Agave


Agave attenuata



Difficulty To Grow





All Purpose Potting Soil


Well Drained Soil

Toxic Level


Ideal location

Indoor, Outdoor


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