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Acacia Auriculiformis

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Acacia Auriculiformis

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Acacia auriculiformis, commonly known as auri, earleaf acacia, earpod wattle, northern black wattle, Papuan wattle, and tan wattle, akashmoni in Bengali, is a fast-growing, crooked, gnarly tree in the family Fabaceae. It is native to Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. It grows up to 30m tall.


Plant in a position in full sun with light free-draining soil. Although drought tolerant, once established most grow better with reliable summer moisture. Acacias can be given a light prune once flowering is over. Many species are short-lived and some may self-sow too freely, becoming weeds.

Common Name

Northern Black Wattle

Plant Height (cm)

180 cm

Pot Size

30 cm

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