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How to take care of a pet cat in Kuwait

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If you have added a feline friend to your family then let us take you through what you need to know to properly take care of it. We have prepared a few tips to help you care for your cat and its health and keep it safe and healthy throughout its life.

Basic care includes feeding, make sure you get high quality food for your kitten or cat. Seek a veterinarian to know what the best diet for your cat would be. Your cat’s activity level and health differ depending on what it eats.

Treats should be no more than 5-10% of your cat’s diet and make sure there is always clean water available that is being washed and refilled every day. If you notice anything wrong with your cat, make sure you head for the veterinarian right away. Here is what we consider the best choice for treats that you could offer to your adorable ones, healthy and delicious!

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Another basic care method is the grooming. Most cats stay clean and healthy and rarely need a bath, but you should still comb your cat regularly, by doing that, your cat’s coat stays clean, and you minimize the amount of shedding and hairballs.

Housing your cat should be simple, all you have to do is prepare a clean, dry place for them to sleep and rest. Use soft warm blankets or towels and make sure you have the bed washed often. It is important to keep your cat indoors. Outdoor cats do not live long unlike indoor cats because they are at risk from cars and other animals free roaming. They also tend to be infested with fleas and infectious diseases.

When it comes to your cat’s litterbox, it should be placed in a quiet spot. If you have multi-level home, place a litterbox on each floor. Do not reposition your cat’s litterbox unless it is absolutely necessary and to do so the right way, you have to move it a few inches every day for your cat. Keep in mind that cats will not use a smelly, messy litterbox so do make sure to scoop solid wastes at least once a day. Do not use scents when cleaning the litterbox.

Cats got the constant need to scratch because when cats scratch, their old outer nail sheath is pulled off and their sharp claws are exposed. To keep your cat’s nails blunt, cut them every two to three weeks, and by doing so, it is unlikely to cause harm for you or your furniture. Get your cats a scratching board or pole, anything that is not wobbly.

It is absolutely mandatory to make sure your cat sees the veterinarian at least once a year for some examinations and to take its annual shots. Take your cat straight away to the vet if it is sick or injured. You can book your veterinary appointments by clicking here.

Do not ever give your cat any medications that was not prescribed by a veterinarian. For vaccinations, your veterinarian will make the right recommendations based on your cat’s age and health. Regarding spaying and neutering your cat, it should be done when your cat is five months old or after.

Here is a supplies checklist we have prepared for your cats:

  • High-quality cat food

Such as:





  • Food dish (avoid plastics)
  • Water bowl (avoid plastics)
  • Toys to keep them active

Here are some of the teasing toys to keep them active!




  • Brush
  • ID tag
  • Scratching pads
  • Litterbox and litter
  • Cat bed or box with a warm blanket or towel

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