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How to care for a Dog

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It is a mandatory mission to be responsible for our pets and make sure that their health stays well. If your pet gets sick, it will need medical attention, and you must make sure that your pet gets to be checked by a veterinarian on a yearly basis. Pets are just like us; they get sick and tend to need medicines too to become better. Let us not forget their other needs as well, such as well feeding. We have provided a few points for you to read and learn more about pets’ needs:


  • A clean and safe environment

Keep your pet away from any dangerous elements and make sure they have a good hygiene by ensuring their physical cleanliness.

  • Fresh water around the clock

Keeping them hydrated means keeping them healthy and energetic



  • Feeding schedule

We all know what obesity can do to us and how unhealthy it is, and the same applies for animals. Make sure they follow a healthy feeding plan and let them get the nutritional needs according to their size and age. Do not forget to give them healthy treats from time to time as a reward.

  • Regular examination

Having your pet examined will keep you informed of their health state and what your pet needs and not need. Examine them for deworming and external parasite control and always keep a copy of the examination in your own place.

  • Exercise

You might slack off with exercising, don’t we all? But do make sure your pet does not. Allow your pet to get a regular work out to keep it fit which allows them to participate in activities and stay happy.

  • Communication

Your dog is a social type of pets; therefore, you must make sure that you interact with your dog and create a bond. The time you spend with your dog will improve the relationship between you and your dog and will prevent any unwanted behaviour.


  • Dental care

Make sure that your pet avoids any dental issues such as gum diseases which can cause serious complications and infections. This would lead to teeth loss and will lead to major organ infections including heart valves.

  • Grooming and nail trimming

Dogs with long coats tend to develop matt and ice balls in their hair. Leaving your dog’s nails to grow long will make it difficult for them to walk, and when long nails break, it can become quite painful.


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