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Growing organic food at home in Kuwait

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Are you a plants geek and would like to take that further? You like to surround yourself with nature all the time? How about you take another step ahead and start growing your own organic food! Within the current situations, everyone is extra cautious and worried. People stand and take a minute to think about things properly before they decide and that mostly comes with food. You need to know that you could grow your own organic food at home and worry no more! All you need to do is follow these steps:


  1. Get proper soil quality


Having an improved soil quality will make you start off easily in growing your own organic food. With the right choice of soil, a rich source of an organic matter, you will be motivating the earthworms and the soil micro-organisms. Good soil quality will also help you improve both the water and nutrient holding capacity which in return will make sure it supports your plants’ growth and they will be able to resist pests and diseases way better! Organic food growing at home begins with good soil.


  1. Prepare a planting compost


With composting, you will help reduce the amount of organic material that would be going to the landfill and improve the organic production. Find the suitable compost bin for you and dig it in the ground, you are ready to go!


  1. Plant it all!


Do not settle for only one type of veggies, fruits or herbs and flowers, make sure you are planting a diverse range of all of them and give yourself a bigger range of organic producing for you and everyone around you to enjoy. Growing a lot of organic food and plants will help you attract the beneficial insects and animals that would help you guard your organic garden from pest insects. Make sure you are not planting the same vegetable from the same family plant in the same spot every year because that would increase the risk of pests and diseases.


  1. Control the pests


You have to check on your plants from time to time to see any signs of diseases or insect attacks, pick a couple of caterpillars, or remove the damaged leaf before the it spreads and gets worse. With bigger insects and disease problems, go for a spray that is certified for organic gardening.


  1. Organic all the way


In order to make sure that your garden stays healthy and strong, you should consider using a soil improver. Using a good quality soil and soil improver is a perfect way to slow the release of organics nutrients, and this will guarantee you a mesmerizing, healthy organic garden.


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