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Benefit of Gardening with Kids

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Young Arabian Muslim girl with little child working in greenhous

We now have the chance to do projects we all wanted to do at home but never had the opportunity to do so. The pandemic has forced all of us to spend most of our time staying at home. Therefore, now you can achieve those projects!

Start home gardening and give yourself a chance to improve your life as well as your kids lives.

Gardening is not only to grow our own food; with gardening we can keep the kids busy in a good and educational way. Improve their five senses and give them a better idea of where food comes from. It could never get boring with gardening, specially for kids. Keep them busy in a fun way. Plant a garden for them, make it a colourful rainbow-like garden that includes vegetables as well as fruits too. We have listed down ten reasons for you to start a garden with your kids:

Enhancing all five senses

The feeling of the soil and dirt in your hands differs when water is added to it, learn the feeling of that as well as the smell of a certain vegetable plant and the taste of a strawberry. Why don’t you try biting a carrot and listen to the sound it makes? Exploring all five senses is done way easily in a garden.

Healthy eating

We all want our kids to grow up in a healthy environment and being on a healthy diet is something mandatory for them throughout their growing up process. You do not have to worry about your kids being picky when it comes to food because no kid would resist the veggie, they have planted themselves! Right out of the garden and straight to cooking it together in the kitchen. You never know, you might create a new favorite food recipe.

Improve fine motor skills

With gardening, you gain and develop motor experience and skills with every step that you take when gardening. Beginning with carrying the small seeds to carefully caring for the seedlings and the plants.

Science learning

Throughout gardening, you start to wonder about certain things like how are the leaves green? Why do they need the sun to grow? How come planting on soil makes the plants grow properly than planting on clay? With gardening, learning will be fun!

Family time

Gardening does require a lot of work but why not do it with the family? Doing it together with your family will be a lot of fun! You spend time together engaging into good conversations without electronics being always in the way. Quality time done properly!

Teach responsibility

Since plants require a lot of attention, you learn to care for them and with time, you become responsible. You take good care of the plants you are growing in your garden, starting with watering all the way to weeding. Gardening is a good lesson in responsibility for your kids.

Plan and organize lessons

Plants grow depending on the weather and time of the year, some of them grow better in summer while some grow better in winter. Also, some plants grow better when in rows while other plants are alright to be spread around. Teach your kids how to plan for planting and how to be organized about it. Gardening with your kids is a great chance to talk about planning and exploring.

Environmental stewards

Let your kids learn and understand the importance of farmers by teaching them to understand the effort and time that is required to grow food properly. By doing so, kids will learn the importance of earth and why we need to take good care of it.

Math skills!

Planting improves math skills since you need to know how much space you need to leave between each plant that you are growing, with doing so, you learn how many you could plant in one row. Also, the amount of water you need to for each plant differs from one another, and keep in mind that not all plants need the same amount of time under the sun.


Gardening takes a lot of patience. Weeks at least are taken to grow vegetables, if not even months! Growing your own plants requires patience and it is definitely worth it!


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