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Top 20 plants that are natural Air Purifiers

Minimizing your level of stress to having your concentration improved, plants to place in your home can have many benefits. But have you ever thought about the species of plants that can keep you safe from liver damage, kidney, and cancer diseases because they are air filtering plants? Here is why you should have those […]

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Benefit of Gardening with Kids

We now have the chance to do projects we all wanted to do at home but never had the opportunity to do so. The pandemic has forced all of us to spend most of our time staying at home. Therefore, now you can achieve those projects! Start home gardening and give yourself a chance to […]

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Must have Office Plants in Kuwait

Adding plants to your office is one of the best ways to boost your mood, creativity, productivity, and your concentration. Therefore, having a couple of plants in your workplace has been proven by studies to be very positive. Any place of work is where stress and fatigue are created, plants are a great way to reduce […]

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